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Wallpapers Pass


  • Epic Wallpapers Pass

    • Smartphone Wallpapers
    • All Exisiting + All Upcoming
    • One-time Payment

Terms of Use

✔ Non-Commercial Use: general use for private purposes. Print the images and decorate your room, business, store, workplace, etc. Create physical products for yourself. Set them as wallpapers for your smartphone or desktop!


✔  Use to post on SOCIAL NETWORKS (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.) is completely ALLOWED! The only condition is that you must correctly indicate the source:

  • Instagram Post/Story/Reel: Tag me: @aleksundoor_art

  • TikTok: Tag me: @aleksundoor_art

  • All other platforms: add a link to the website, for example:      

       "Art by AlekSunDoor ("

✖ Derivative Works / Business.  You are not allowed to use the Images as part of your work or create physical products for sale under the Membership Agreement. For commercial cases, please contact me.

✖ In both cases (private and commercial use), distribution is strictly prohibited: you may not upload the content for which you have purchased access to any platform for resale (wallpaper websites, printing stores etc.).

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